the intricacies of homeschooling

if your child is not called into question in a traditional classroom, you do not feel comfortable with the morality of the school, or your child with special needs, there are various reasons for home schooling as an alternative to education through public schulen.nach his achievements as well as the deterrence is important for those who have this option.

to support

there were several studies that have concluded that homeschooled students clearly about standardized tests durchfü the 1970s, extensive research by raymond and dorothy moore supports the claim that children are organized learning ten years ago as an obstacle to their natural development.

before the age of a child has not yet been achieved, the full use of the senses and koordinierung.die school creates reduced safety in a child who has never before been an organised group suspended or zeitplan.einschränkung and regulation of spark printing and hyperactivity, the obvious behavior of the teacher \ ‘s expectation.

boy formal education is simply not suited for a successful educational karriere.entdeckungen and experiments in the walls of a child \’s home is indicated as a positive alternative method, the limits of the rules, and books.

it was also through a series of tests, the half of public school children consistently points or below the 50 percent only 10.3 percent of home schooling children points so low.

it is often pointed out that home schooled children socially this is not the case in a number of studies that show that 71 percent of homeschooled children actively involved in volunteer work regelmäßig.das is compared with the traditional education of the population \’s services share the 37.elternhaus school graduates are much more the vote and other civil affairs. they were also often happier than their peers.

homeschooling criticism

those who oppose the homeschooling have several concerns, including the chance of poor quality education, lack of contact with a large number of children with different religious and ethnic origin and the potential for extremism, whether religious or is to be feared that the students develop a close oriented view of the world, by parents, by their beliefs allein.das potential for undocumented and hidden child abuse is also a concern.


looking at these advantages and disadvantages for homeschooling, an informed decision for their children in conformity with their personal needs, restrictions or fähigkeiten.jede decision is a unique fragestellungen.aber a homeschooled child borders ahead, and this is, of course, a parent \’s greatest joy.

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