ten reasons to invest in your career

the in itself as “a fast river without a paddle, map and know what is around the next kurve.es may have been for a while, but eventually you will want you to be a huge mistake.

in order to prevent this unforeseen disaster in your career, you need to invest in them, and think to proactively create a plan for your career and life goals.

and if that doesn’t convince you, here are ten reasons why invest in your career is a must.

1. the largest yield, everywhere.
the rate of return on investments and the improvement of the self’s astronomical more than financial investment could dazu.durch higher lifetime earning power and possibilities to protect themselves from unemployment and the satisfaction comes from personal growth and success of the returns are huge.

2.sie are the boss
if you are the president and ceo of you, inc., then it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t go raus.es is your job, growth and prosperity fördern.tun that through careful planning, implementation, consistent, and their mission to invest in.

3.mehr valuable
preparation of balance sheets for dich.erstens should be a list of their financial assets and verbindlichkeiten.zum second should be a list of your skills, ideas, knowledge, ability and personal networks, the passion and the ability to bewegen.erhöhen your personal net worth of investment in the second list? so you’re more assets in the first list.

be 4.groß
you are able to größe.die most of us just a fraction of our fähigkeiten.das is tragisch.klar that their size, using their talents and investments in their potential.

5.ihre goals
your career and life goals are far too important to be only wünschen.eine career can now fail you leben.die dramatically increases the probability of achieving its goals and is a real demonstration of its commitment to achieve.

6.erstellen your own future
your career is to schimmeln.investitionen in yourself you have the clarity, strength and tools to create their own future, and take the path less gereist.manchmal invest is a risk, but that is the price of entry for success and happiness.

the world is complicated 7.denn
– you don’t know what they need to know and do everything they do müssen.kannst you your best without hilfe.finden and invest in teaching you, show you the way and help you achieve your goals.

8.das life is too short for mediocrity
you don’t have the luxury of ‘- zeit.ob you for training or outsourcing your weak areas to someone who can do it better, determine where they are mediocre, and get help.

9.es is a cliche, but on your deathbed?
the reason why we often hear that it is the time for a perspective, we have nicht.eines day will you to your problems and successes and bumps in the straße.ihr focus will be on the big picture: the life you had opportunities followed or abandoned, how happy she was, and the legacy you left behind hast.investitionen in yourself and you will find the courage and determination in order to be happy, and your own.

10.wer or can you count?
let’s face it: you’re allein.niemand has so much to win or lose, as you wollen.niemand this consistent investment in their development to maximize your career and life.

how to invest in your career
understanding yourself better and the development of their goals, plans, skills, knowledge, skills, networks and their personal brand and profil.mach it yourself, or work with experts such as career coaches.

you think, plan their own tools, development, reading, hearing of experts, coached, courses, upgrading or to acquire skills and proactive marketing selbst.anerkennen that investing in them often requires that they not be sure.

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