personality issues in homeschooling

regardless of their personality as paretn you can homeschool and success damit.hausunterricht your kid has a journey of life, and many parents have the right to tun.wenn authoritarian personality, not, you can learn some of the skills for successful tutor, especially in teaching your child.

do you know someone who might be a friend or neighbor, apparently the life as a full-time explorer always trying new activities, lectures, travel, cooking, to exotic recipes with ingredients you have never heard of? i tue.ich think of him as a person who never lost the love of learning, never tires with new herausforderungen. – yes, he’s more of a starter and finisher, but i think it’s the kick in his step.

it is certainly not the ideal way of life for fact, many of us would probably one or two days with less challenges to overcome, especially if you have a child at home! on the other hand, when the above described characteristics as adult approach to life, but as a child, approach to not exactly what we want joy of discovery, to encourage our kids to a lifelong journey to discover and facing great challenges.

numerous studies have investigated the influence of parents on children and the family’s willingness to explore and risks to nehmen.wenn children experience a close, trusting relations that security encourages them to try new behaviors to risk failing or even scheitern.forscher are now studying the possibility that these feelings in young adulthood promote or inhibit transmission and the problems in the education and training opportunities.

parenting style also have shown a significant influence on the children’s feelings of self-esteem and personal verantwortung.forscher have identified four types of parenting styles.
1.autoritäre – very ambitious, but not ansprechbar.duldsam react very quickly, but not demanding
3.maßgebliche calls and respond
4.auch not neither requires responsive

studies show that the authoritarian style of the balance sheets of high expectations with the recognition of children’s autonomy is associated with confidence, perseverance, academic success and social kompetenz.autoritären parents provide advice and support for the formation and development of personal interests, expectations, standards and responsible independence – a style which results in children is broad and active exploration choosing a career later in life.

while an authoritarian parenting style is often successful in school, the pressure on their parents expectations are emotionally unhealthy children produzieren.umgekehrt not forgiving and styles – characterised by a lack of guidance and support, are likely to lead to children, the less well developed personal interests and is difficult to identify personally satisfying work.

what can you do to adopt a reliable, style and encourage your child to explore, discover and learn? here are some tips on how to help your child begin the journey of your life.

tell your child about the importance of the work of their arbeit.über, personally bereichernd.für younger children, choose a bright example of your job and describe it simple plotlines events on the “character”, and different ways to deal with problemen.gibt a bad girl? like a hero? help your child understand why you think so.
read with your children and keep good literature in your heimat.große stories to teach and inspire your child questions and comments on the stories, and opportunities for exchange of ideas and beliefs and values and behaviors.

further, the challenges and the development of new kompetenzen.geben your child opportunities to recognize natural talents, explore interests, to identify and scientific strengths and schwächen.folgemaßnahmen suggest databases and the search for additional information.

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