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growing up in a tough neighbourhood kwesi johnson’s sense of community responsibility, toronto, when he was 12 years old war.das’s, when he was a youth worker, often shoot hoops with the children on the playground, while talking about respect and avoid the temptation of a gang member.

before kwesi knew he voluntarily with basketball skills to six – and seven year olds at the malvern family resource centre in scarborough.bald, he was in the plan of the hikes, discussion forums, tournaments and outings for kinder.ob as a camp counselor, helping with homework, or just to talk to them, kwesi own message was constant: respect, respect for others.

kwesi saw a rewarding career in his work and centennial college came to the children’s and youth workers programm.seine teachers were impressed by this energetic young mann.außerhalb teaching kwesi voluntarily for a long list of organizations, including the alliance of guyanese canadian organization, the anglican church of the nativity and the black communities and police advisory committee.

kwesi insists his 100 professors and the opportunities they provided was his way and give him a passion for recalls a teacher of a class, discussion about a local tragedy, in which a young man killed his bruder.wenn the discussion ended, still had a nagging question kwesi for his teacher: what could someone to stab him drive his brother to death?

“he said, ‘you know what? i’m not sicher.warum you, and come back? ” the way he looked at me, i knew he wanted me to continue learning and i will, “said kwesi.

he worked hard, both in and outside the school, to learn how troubled youth to was hard not to his efforts; no one can forget, kwesi, once you know was no surprise that someone of his work is recognized.

kwesi was one of three young ontarians with the 2007 lincoln alexander award for leadership in the elimination of rassendiskriminierung.2008 he was due to graduate of distinction “of centennial for dienstleistungen.kwesi also earned a scholarship from the black business and professional associations in the same year.

with its century old diploma, kwesi felt he needed a degree on its turned to ryerson university, where his college diploma, let him in the third year of the four year old children and adolescents cared for.

it wasn’t long before his mark in the downtown campus, volunteer for a number of initiatives that never in his sight of his goal, the young invited groups of the community to submit as coordinator of the programme, students and mentors.

“focus on the task at their craft,” he said, and the other with vocational training.

his two years at ryerson, quickly last june was the convening of kwesi stage to receive his diploma, not only, but also because of the ryerson gold medal for his excellent grades and commitment shown by the involvement of the gemeinschaft.die class broke out in applause.

“my love of learning, which, when i came to ryerson.ich went further and further. he grinst.und despite his dyslexia, kwesi takes his training to the next began a master’s program in sociology and pedagogy at the university of toronto in the autumn, with a view to achieving a doctorate.

and all the time in the east – kwesi youth, close to the people, and the neighborhood, he has a long process.

“it is what i’m all about: the child & youth workers and allows them to gain experience, you have möchte.sie are the next generation.sie are so hard to impress, but it will teach you much about himself and a lot about you.”

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