international engineering in british universities

edinburgh napier university, united kingdom
edinburgh napier university is a dynamic, innovative and trendsetting institution for educational activities which are relevant to the needs of today’s students and employers.
with creative designed courses, flexible methods and routes of access to higher education the university equips its graduates for success in a competitive job market.
edinburgh napier university, queen prize for higher and further education for 2009, which is awarded every two years to reward universities and colleges show works of quality.
leicesteruniversity, united kingdom
the university of leicester is a leading uk university provides high-quality undergraduate, postgraduate and research training and creates the international auswirkungen.die discovery of dna genetic fingerprinting and pioneering exploration, are the most famous achievements in leicester, although the research covers art, technology, science, medicine, law, education, biological sciences, and social sciences.
leicester attracts students from a wide social and ethnic spectrum and provides high standards for the quality of teaching, personal development, scientific support and the general zufriedenheit.die leicester university has 15 top general the east midlands of england, leicester is 90 km north of is a multicultural city, student: during school hours, 10% the population of the town consists of studenten.das country with the largest population of indian origin.
the department of engineering at the university of leicester is a 2 + 2 (be) and master’s (me) programs:
air and space
communication and electronic
computing and embedded systems
electrical and electronic

sheffield hallam university
sheffield hallam is a progressive, dynamic and modern university with more than 28000 students from over 90 ländern.sheffield is the fifth largest city in the united kingdom, and has a relatively low is a friendly and multicultural city, a big living room and study.
Many of our courses involve industry partners including Network Rail, London Underground and Rolls Royce. Most of the faculty has experienced and involved in research and consultancy to a range of companies. sheffield hallam university offers courses, research opportunities and services to business in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, forensic engineering and design engineering.

Students from ICAS are eligible to apply to the second year of an honours degree programme at sheffield hallam university in:

B.Eng (honours) electrical and electronic Engineering (Full time)
B.Eng (honours) mechanical Engineering (Full time)

the icas program serves as a platform for the students, the students from the top universities in the increase the mobility of students in higher education abroad, manipal university introduced the icas programme with a view to the students studying in the prestigious universities in the united states, britain, australia, canada and france.

students spend the first two years of the icas programme in manipal university, indien.während this term students are trained to the requirements as well as a cultural understanding of the country of their wahl.und offer students the necessary foundations for the following two years are spent in the united states, britain, australia, canada and france.

after the first two years, students, and then transfer to universities abroad by a credit transfer system.die students then the rest of the time as a regular student of universität.nach college students with an international engineering at university abroad and after placement.

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