home school statistics and information.

how many homeschoolers exists today? the national home education research institute (nheri) statistics and information on homeschooling in amerika.wer and what is nheri?

the national home education research institute has the task of:
1.hochwertige research (e.g., data, facts and findings) to their education (homeschooling).
2.als clearing house of research to the general public, researchers, homeschoolers, media and politics.
a new public awareness of the results of research on home education.

whether as a private tutor, home education, education, education, school, unschooling, deschooling or some form of alternative education, movement is growing, and the national home education institute monitored and analysed it international.nheri strength lies in the field of research, statistics, technical reports, data, facts, demography, the academic world, consulting, academic performance tests and experts (courts and parliaments), while for people between researchers and policy makers to professional educators, teachers, homeschoolers (home schoolers) and their parents. general, the media, marketing consultant, and the public.

nheri was its president, brian d. ray, ph.d., is the editor of the magazine “home school refereed academic researchers since 1985.

in fulfilling its mission, nheri conducts professional and research for different customers throughout the country and international.auch dr. ray and his staff to serve as a consultant for the growing number of currently used in the research on home education themen.dr. ray or other representatives of nheri occurs in several places of the country.

nheri, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, research and training, will also to the public purchase of many print, audio and video productions of basic bottom line emphasis on homeschooling more technically challenging scientific reports.

homeschooling is growing, and more and more parents their children educated at home (school), nheri will examine efforts to understand it, the other about you and serve you.

some of the research reports, books, and videos (video), available at nheri website are as follows:

– home bred and adults: the community and civic participation, views, and other characteristics, homeschooling, the latest nationwide study, “graduates” homeschooling and family history, demography, ec service occupations, reasons for homeschooling, the attitude towards the homeschooling, life satisfaction
worldwide guide to homeschooling, research, history, charts, as families start homeschooling; like a small excerpt
strength of its own, nationwide study of homeschool families and their children, academic achievement, demography, etc.
home education on the threshold of full color summary (brochure), dozens of studies
home based education: the informed decision; video research, statistics, graphics, philosophy of education, history and more
after the researchers subscription and back issues.

the u.s. department of education (institute of educational science; nce) released in august a report in july 2004 with the title “1.1 million homeschooled students in the united states in 2003” (princiotta, bielick & chapman), the authors estimate the number of homeschooled students in the united states, i.e. between school and home population).dr. ray, however, estimates that there were 1.7 to 2.1 million kindergarten home school students in the united states in 2003, in line with dr. ray results (see world’s guide to homeschooling), the researchers found that tutor has about 7% per year over the past four years.

dr. ray, “a brief review of neglect and compulsory education: an update” offers a critical look (from 28. january 2006), in a new report by philip kelly, robert barr & james weatherby on homeschooling.

in short, the national home education research institute (nheri) is one of the most important leaders when it comes to the implementation and reporting of the tutor in the field of home school research (i.e. research), the home school statistics data between home and school, home school reports, the home school – the facts homeschool consulting, home school studies, between school and home home school demography and population between school and home to witness.

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