her career in 2007, start again.

have you thought about your career goals for 2007.was was in planning and managing your career will not work, for your career development in the 21. jahrhundert.die managing your career in 21. century, preparation, planning and educational and vocational guidance and training to ensure that your time is.

here’s how we joy and further in your career.

1.feststellen whether its activity is who you are, what you value, and what you können.machst you what you really want? as a self-confident, you will clear you are and what you stand for and what they offer haben.wenn you know what you have to offer, you become stronger and that in their arbeit.gut is no longer enough to ensure that your career right wird.du are its main kapital.selbst branding provides direction and clarity of objectives, as you work not only what you do for a living.

2.zu your job satisfiers and dissatisfiers.finden a way to do more tasks or projects that you enjoy.

3.ermitteln their benefits.

4.nehmen for taking the time to build and maintain relations with people who work könnte.sie benefit personally and professionally from the time you invest in these relations.

5.bestimmen, and write down your vision for your berufsleben.was do you have to do, will you? celebrate the steps that you take the vision.sie daily to achieve the life you willst.hier a couple of ways you can do that.

* work in perspective – remember how you left work on time in the summer?

* manage your stress to identify the causes of stress and how it affects you.

* time close the door (if you have one), your cell phone, turn off your email, spazieren.diese time “during their work to prepare for a meeting, a presentation or to work on a project.

* the delegates are you too much about the management of their work and not with your abilities and your long-term goals of your business goals?

* \ \/ play balance what you favor, during the summer, you want to continue (cinema, tennis, volunteering time with their children, friends to visit, etc.)? put it on your plan.

6.sei brave! don’t be afraid, in a certain responsibility to positions on dir.um always exceed expectations.

7.verwalten your own zeit.hat grenzen.lernen to say “no” to non essential use of your time.

8.sie must better and more efficient gestalten.eine task routine to develop a new prozess.anstatt with your emails you set aside specific times during the day to react.

9.gut in what you tun.die knowledge and skills in your current job, create success for the next train.

10. know that your potential roadblocks can limit up.

11. for projects that are likely to use them.

12. the passion for what you do and arbeiten.sie will automatically be more mühe.wenn you don’t love your work and ask yourself the question: is this what you do “should” to what you do?

remember! your career should make a contribution to your life, not the other way around.

copyright 2006, cecile peterkin.

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