a positive attitude is the key to a successful career.

fire and rescue services nationwide, to suggest that we remember to change the batteries in the smoke detector, if we adjust our watches in spring and autumn every jahres.in accordance with tradition, november, the national professional development month (http: \/ \/ \ \/ www.ncda.org) is a good time to check whether your attitude to your current job and karriere.im profession is free advice, how in this month career, blogs and articles.

the national career for 47 years, the association has celebrated as national professional development november.in month this year’s theme is “find your voice – change your world” and for a career change that is actually the best time to beginnen.in this month in occupation for people recognize the importance of lifelong career planning, career development and the professional entwicklung.in this month is a great chance to assess your existing job or career satisfaction, alternatives and plans you better prepare to meet future employment.

whether you are “stuck” in their existing career “happy, but still” or just a transition to something more, in november, it is time to start your ducks in folge.wie fire department encourages us to our smoke detector batteries as the time changes, so should we commit to spend some time every day of the month for factors that impact on our career decisions.

an important factor in the career prospects and perspectives in the current situation of our own haltung.es is important at the start of a career planning in this month with a positive attitude and to tell you that the activities of this month will be the catalyst for your long-term career satisfaction.

the conference board reported recently that workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs.dieser decline in job cuts in workers of any age and at any einkommensniveaus.der report is that, in 2005, only half of all americans said they were satisfied with their jobs, 10% of 10 years zuvor.in fact, the survey shows that only 14% of workers are actually, very satisfied with their arbeit.diese dissatisfaction may lead to severe work stress, is often in a negative work persona, whether you like it or not.

the national institute for occupational safety and health, niosh is a research arm of the centers for disease control, the work stress as the harmful physical and emotional responses can occur if the requirements of the work, not with the skills, resources, and needs of the employees. ”

many of us have probably work or know that the person who hated her job and was totally stressed out ist.wir probably saw that stress at work to feed a negative attitude, which eventually involved up to the point where the person himself resigned.

sometimes it takes a reduction of stress in the workplace is a change in our personal einstellungen.in this month is the time with them, need to learn what excites us about work and to develop strategies for the tension back in our arbeit.wir have the power to take decisions, the impact on our attitudes and a positive attitude attracts positive energie.mit november to review their attitude and every day this month to improve or change their professional situation.

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