6. the question you have to ask yourself if you are homeschooling

while homeschooling is legal in all states of the choice between home and school is not, she lightly nehmen.eingehende research and discussion are needed if it is the right entscheidung.aber, as you say, whether homeschooling is for your children?

here are some questions you ask yourself, when you are thinking of homeschooling as an opportunity for their children.

1.ich guess i’m nearly all my time with my kids?

one of the main reasons for the choice of homeschooling is often that people love their children and want the best for sie.sie have also really like to be in the company of their children, which is a good thing, because they give almost all of your time with your children is relatively easy ihnen.wenn angered then homeschooled maybe not such a good idea.

2.werden questions bother me?

homeschooling parents are generally many questions on things like curriculum, they use and by the tutor to their children develop appropriate social kompetenzen.wenn your children between home and school, it will certainly help you, if you have difficulties, not the same questions with monotonous regularity.

3.wo i can find out what i need to know about homeschooling.

first of all, check the books from your library, where it was almost certainly a very good selection of books, you must know a librarian, may be able to tell you whether there is any homeschoolers in the region, because almost all parents are strongly dependent on homeschooling library for supplies.

4.gibt some kind of support available?

a support network of other homeschooling parents is extremely important, and often do, by clicking on the internet and in the search for “home school groups (state)” or “homeschooling groups (the state), there are homeschooling co op available in many places and many opportunities for families just together and have fun.

5.was i do if i have other questions?

after a few families who already homeschooling you need to ask them about the advantages and disadvantages of privatlehrer.fast all truthful about their reasons for the selection of tutor and will be very happy, to share their experience and help you to make an informed decision k├Ânnen.fragen you what many problems if you started and on such things as, you should go over the syllabus and if you don’t have to be concerned about the socialization of their children.

curriculum 6.was should i follow?

the choice of the curriculum available to them far in view of the diversity and the rule in relation to the price you zahlen.wenn it is possible for a school to home “by the books very similar to those in the public schools, you can also have a home school without a curriculum.die books, you in your library once discovered, explained the different methods and should have a good idea of what the children learn in the class.

if you want your children to the homeschooling 6 questions here will help you to make an informed decision, but not everyone will decide to home school their children after considering this option if you would like your children more in education and private tutor might be right for you.

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